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Soppressata - 175 grams pack

Soppressata - 175 grams pack


Soppressata is the traditional salame from Calabria made with the finest parts of the pig: ham and shoulder mixed with chilli and salt.

Compact in appearance, slightly flattened and soft, it is defined by a uniform and lively red color given by the use of spicy paprika.


It is a genuine product with an intense taste that often does not need to be combined with other products to express its incredible flavor.

It can be enjoyed alone, simply by accompanying it to slices of homemade bread, but it is also very popular as an appetizer, possibly inside a rich charchuterie board of typical Calabrian products, made up of other cured meats, cheeses and preserves in extra virgin olive oil. It can also be used as an ingredient to fill sandwiches, pizza and focaccia or to enrich various dishes of the Calabrian cuisine.

Origin: Italy
  • Ingredients:

    Pork, spices and salt

  • Product Info:

    Packed in a vacuum sealed bag for fresheness. Once opened keep refrigerated.

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